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Affordable International Degree Courses
Interested in getting a degree from UK, US, Australia or Canada?

Students can complete foreign degrees in a Malaysian colleges which have collaborative arrangements with foreign host universities. These programs are a major reason many international students choose to study in this country (More reasons to study degree course in Malaysia). 

The most common collaborative arrangements are the 2+1 Twinning, 3+0 arrangement and Credit Transfer Programs.


The Twinning Program allows students to partially complete the first or second year of the degree program at a local institution and the remaining years at the foreign partner university. One of the outstanding feature for twinning program is the students registers with both the Malaysian institution and the foreign university, and upon successful completion of the first two years the student is guaranteed admission to the next level in the campus of the twinning-partner university. Currently, many colleges are offering twinning programs with collaboration with partner universities from the UK, USA, Australia and various other countries.

3+0 Foreign University Arrangement

The 3+0 program is an extension of the 2 +1 twinning where foreign partner universities from the UK, Australia, US and France allow students to complete all three years of study at Malaysian institutions. Unlike twinning, students do not need to go to the host country to complete their studies.  This will enable parents and students to save even more substantially. It is estimated that savings are around RM90,000 – RM150,000 depending on the course and the partner university. The 3+0 arrangement enable students to obtain a Bachelor’s qualification from the United Kingdom, United States, France or Australia at a fraction of the cost.

Credit Transfer Programs

Credit Transfer Programs are also offered by colleges that have partnerships with foreign universities. Students who have met the required credit hours of the subject studied in Malaysia can transfer the credit hours to the foreign university of their choice.

A popular credit transfer is the American Degree Transfer Program. This is where students complete part of their studies in Malaysia and the remaining years at universities in the United States or Canada. Under this arrangement, students are exposed to the same education system as they will experience at the U.S. universities. The courses are similar and the assessment the same. It is the ideal for students who wanted academic qualification from America but do not have enough funds to go directly to the United States.

Quality Assurance

All the foreign university collaboration arrangements above are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and as such, the institutions offering such programs are constantly under the scrutiny of the national quality assurance agency, MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency). The foreign partner universities also play a role by sending lecturers to the Malaysian institution to lecture as well as conduct regular audits.